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Top 25 Features for your E-Commerce Mobile App

This will allow you to enter and master the ecommerce business and world. Real-time order tracking will, as a result, provide users with information regarding the timing of the order’s placement, shipment, and delivery. Many different and well-known SMS gateways can send customers notifications whenever the direction is sent, managed, transported, etc. Shoppers like this because it clears up doubts before hitting the “buy” button. It also helps keep customers from changing their minds because they can experiment before making decisions.
Your eCommerce application should have a stable and secure payment process to drive revenue. By providing your customers with secure payment methods, you facilitate finalizing a purchase. When the purchase is made, it’s important to transport the product to your customer’s delivery destination. Offering your customers fast and affordable shipping methods, you can increase conversions and reduce shopping cart abandonment.

If you make a return process simple and clear for them, they are more likely to buy from you again. An easy and convenient registration process makes your app more accessible to users. It increases customer satisfaction as they don’t have to fill in a lot of data to use the features of an e-commerce app. More people prefer to shop online as they find it much more convenient and faster than visiting brick and mortar stores. An e-commerce mobile app allows them to make a purchase in several taps.
Without sacrificing design or user experience, the nopCommerce app can be adapted to various modes, such as Dark mode or Light mode. Choosing a technology or framework for creating an e-commerce app is one of the most important tasks for a developers’ team. While the technical aspects are important, it’s also crucial to consider the business requirements of a particular project.

E-commerce App Development Guide 2023: Benefits, Features & Cost

This stage is about establishing a vision for the app and setting clear objectives. Create a primary interface sketch and ensure the design is intuitive and aligns with your brand. The user experience should be seamless, and the visual appeal should capture the essence of your brand. This feature helps them

evaluate all the pros and cons of a product. This approach increases the level
of trust in your eCommerce mobile app. But here, it is important to make a
visible search bar to find the desired product quickly.

User-friendly product filtering and sorting

In fact, about 63% of folks enjoy having AR as part of their online shopping adventure. Especially during the Covid-19 frenzy, running out of products can happen, but keeping your customers’ trust intact is essential. You can achieve this by updating them when an item is back in stock.
The client should be thinking about buying goods in the app, not complicated
authorization. By simplifying this process, you also help your business by
ensuring a customer stays with you. According to Statista, mobile retail commerce revenue via smartphones will generate 221.2 billion
US dollars in the United States in 2021.
At this point, we’re going to talk about some of the top eCommerce mobile app
trends that you can expect in the year 2022. These trends will help you
understand how to develop a mobile e-commerce app. Building a live streaming shopping app
can be time-consuming depending on budget, the number of features, and other

mobile eCommerce app

Custom mobile commerce app development is an area in which we specialize at Droids on Roids. Our CCC Shoes & Bags mobile commerce app is the winner of the prestigious e-Commerce Poland Awards 2019 in the category “BEST ON MOBILE”. Check out our other success story in mobile shopping app development – this time, we helped our client, Veepee, to build a special app for flash sales. They have transformed it into a more convenient space for people to buy anything they want. If you want to get into this revolutionary industry, you’re right on time. There are several e-commerce mobile application features that you can’t miss today.

Obviously this is the place where most users will decide to buy the product, so there should be a button enabling putting it in the cart. People should feel like they have entered something cool and special when they open your app, making it stand out from all the other similar ones available. Consider providing them with a mini-adventure each time they tap that app icon. They should believe your app is worthwhile if they invest their time and money in it. Making your app enjoyable is crucial if you want to keep users engaged and returning for more fun. It can significantly increase the amount of merchandise a store sells if done correctly.

  • Remember that it’s never a bad idea to start with an MVP instead of building a complex app for the start.
  • Having a UX that grabs the users’ attention and seamlessly leads them from logging in to check out is essential for your eCommerce app to be successful.
  • Our specialists at Softermii have extensive experience in mobile app
    development, especially eCommerce.
  • You can easily notify customers about upcoming events if they wish so.
  • If you want to launch an eCommerce application or have already done it but want to spice it up, let’s look at the eCommerce mobile app features list to make your app more attractive.

Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal are some of the digital wallets you should
ecommerce mobile application features
introduce for your eCommerce business. Besides making the payment process
easy, you need to care about integrating the most common payment platforms for
ecommerce mobile application features
your targeted audience into your shop app. According to Statista, apps like Apple Pay or Google Pay in North America are believed to double
ecommerce mobile application features
between 2020 and 2025, although the Asian market size will be significantly
larger. The technology of visual search has developed by leaps and bounds in recent
years as well.
AR can help them look at the products from 3 dimensions and actually see if it suits their requirements. It’s common for eCommerce businesses to provide customers with email and calling support. Additionally, you can set up efficient customer service accounts on social media along with in-app live chatting options.
Customers can bookmark products they’re interested in, and you can even send them notifications when they go on sale. This feature enhances user experience and helps convert casual visitors into loyal customers. To make the most of your mobile shopping app, make sure that it includes reporting and analytics tools (like Google Analytics) that collect data about customers, orders, and products. This information will help you make smarter decisions about your products and improve your offer to match customer preferences even better. The targeted approach can help you create customized offers solely based on their behavior and demographics.
Apponward offers excellent eCommerce development services to help you reach your business goals. In this post, you can follow the process of e-commerce mobile app development by the nopCommerce core team. Here, developers examine key features, technology stack, design, and architecture using their mobile app case study as an example. ECommerce mobile app usage is increasing these days incrementally, especially
after COVID-19.
A well-written description is a combination of educative and creative copy that convinces the user that the product listed is of good quality and the right fit for them. After the purchase has been made, it’s necessary to keep the users updated on the status of their order. Ensure that your eCommerce mobile app notifies the users about when an item has been shipped, when they can expect its delivery, and whether there is some delay in the shipment. Adding the user’s name while displaying the list of recommended products is one way to give a feeling of personalization.

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